At Merle Mania, We Just Love the Merle colors!

The genetics to perfect this color in Pomeranians is somewhat difficult because of the mix of many colors throughout many pedigrees. Merles are best produced out of 4 or 5 generations of self-colors.

EXAMPLE: Black, Chocolate and Blue. Some Creams are also self-colored, but the Merle Spots don't show to the human's eye like Black, Brown or Blue.

So, most of our Merles are out of Black to Black, Brown to Brown, or Blue to Black or Brown backgrounds. Many of our Self-colors have Tan Trim. This allows Merle color with Tan Trim, for a very sharp looking dog.

We are also working with Parti Colors (black/white, chocolate/white for several generations) to breed with merles.

Perfecting breeding and show quality with temperament and size is something we continually strive for.

We occasionally have Merle babies available for sale, as well as Black, Chocolate, Blue and Parti Colors. Currently we have some teens and adults available to the right homes.

NOTE: We do NOT breed Brindles, Orange, Red, Sables, and Creams into our Merle Program.

Our sizes range from 3.5 pounds to 5 pounds, with an occasional heavy weight or "Big-Un"

Please help us to help you. If you know what you want in a puppy, Please be specific. I want to be sure that the pup you order is what you are expecting to receive. For those who are purchasing a Merle, and want to develop their own strains, I am willing to share knowledge and experience.

We feel our prices are reasonable and are priced according to quality, difficulty to achieve color and size. Deposits to purchase are non-refundable unless by prior agreement.They may however apply that deposit toward another puppy or adult at a later date.

Contact Karen @ Celsius Poms, at 360-273-7071 7am to 7pm, Pacific Standard Time. If you reach the answering machine, leave a message, and we will call you back. We only take phone calls at this time. Occasionally email photos are sent through a friend who has a computer, since Karen's vision is limited. Shipping is available for most pups.

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