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If we haven't listed any puppies here, please go to the Upcoming & newborn litters page, and see what we have coming up.

Also, our most current listings can also be found by clicking here on the PuppyFind Listings link.

If you are interested in any of our fur babies or adults, feel free to contact us by phone 7am to 6pm, Pacific Standard Time, any day of the week at 360-273-7071. Karen would be happy to talk with you about them. All phone calls are returned, so please leave a message if you reach the answering machine. Karen's vision doesn't allow her to look at a computer long enough to write emails, so she has me, Randy, write them when I have time. Phone calls have Priority in our time schedual. Thank you for looking.

This page is exclusively dedicated to our
Wolf Sables & aw gene when available.
Printz, Wolf Sable Parti, 3 yr.
TESTED: aw/at
Drifter, Wolf Sable
TESTED: aw/at

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